Amplifier K14

14,000 Watt Amplifier

The AD-Systems K14 is a high-output power amplifier designed to provide Powerful Pure Sonic Performance. The new K14 with DSP controlled PFC power supply is a technical highlight, offering up to 14,000 Watts of undistorted power in an extremely compact and lightweight package.

The development of DSP controlled, active PFC (Power Factor Correction) enables the K14 to supply power much more efficiently than before. The PFC makes an immense 3,500 Watts per channel possible and improves the impedance headroom down to 2 Ohms. The PFC provides a solid supply voltage to the amplifier output modules, independently from different or fluctuating mains voltages.

Via a USB connector on the rear, the power supply can be configured to different circuit breaker characteristics and tripping currents. The K14 power supply’s DSP automatically chooses the best regulating algorithms for highest power performance for any voltage range (100 V, 120 V and 230 V).

Furthermore, the K14 introduces new class D amplifier technology, offering smooth and responsive handling with massive output power.

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Number of Channels
Input Connectors
3x pin XLR
Output Connectors
4x 4-Pole Speakon (TM)
Output Cicuitry
Class D
Min. Load Impedance
Zmin = 2 Ohms
Power @ 2,6 Ohms
3.500 Watt
Power @ 4 Ohms
2.500 Watt
Power @ 8 Ohms
1.400 Watt
Max. Out Voltage
+- 157 V peak
Max. Output Current
+- 52 A peak
26db, 32db, 1.4 Volt
Power Consumption
All Channels @ 1/8 power => 2.200 Watt
Dimensions (W x H x D)
483 x 88.1 x 452 mm
30,4 lbs

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