HQS12 / HQS12A

Features & Application
1. HF compression driver with 1 3/4″ Voice Coil / 1.5″ Horn throat.
2. LF driver with 12″  (400 watt/RMS) /Zebra conepaper
3. 12″ 2-way passive fullrange system.
4. M8 X 10 screw-nuts for installation or flying.
5. Pair flying are possible with flying frame / FM-02.
6.  Flange adapter (tube dia. 35mm).
7.  Rotatable logo Badge.
8.  Water-borne sand texture painting appearance (4 times)
9. Rotatable Horn for flying.
10.  Compact design.
11.  Double carton package.
12. Multi-purpose Usage.

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Technical data

Type 12″ , 2-Way Fullrange
Frequency Range(-10dB) 50Hz~20kHz
Frequency Response(+3dB) 65Hz~19kHz
Coverage pattern 90°H X 60°V nominal
Sensitivity(1W/1m) (SPL) 101 dB
Sensitivity Max.(SPL) 130 dB
Power Rating (Continous/Program/Peak) 400/ 800 / 1600 watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Input Connectors 2XNutrik ® Speakon, NL4 ,  1+ / 1- (Linked from input to output)
Crossover Mode Passive
Crossover Frequency 1.8 kHz
Drivers HF: CSR150D/SUIMx1 , LF: HQ12/ SUIM  x1.
Enclosure 15mm Plywood
Appearance Finish Water-borne (Green Eco), Sand texture painting (4 times)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 385X620X400
Package(W×H×D): 445X660X435
Q’ty for package 1 PCS / 1 CTN, Inner and outer carton, double package.
Weight (Kg) 24/27
Suspensive/Mounting 35mm tube socket, M8 X 10 Screw nuts for U-Bracket or wire flying.

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